The Concept

Coping with losses and finding meaning in suffering is our challenge in life. God has revealed through James (James 1) and Paul (Romans 5) that we are to be joyful when we face trials of various sorts because this is the method by which we grow in patience, character and hope.   Good news for you! Coping with Life, a new book, is now available on   Search on for Harold Vann then select the "book" title, "Coping With Life," for an introduction to this book.


This clock helps us remember the steps we go through in coping with losses in life. Coping With Life is available in both digital and soft cover formats. The cost is low since we hope to be able to furnish this book to multiple men in rehabilitation from drugs and alcohol. Harold Vann led Coping discussion groups of men in rehab for approximately 250 sessions over six years. A good part of finding Meaning chapter was written by Mike Smith, BS, MS, who is now the executive director of a half-way house for men in Nashville, TN.   Thanks also goes to Teresa Bales for her relating the histories of people coping with troubles in the following pages.


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