Genesis of this Concept


For many years, two scriptures have puzzled and challenged Harold Vann. James One and Romans Five begin with the same challenge. Be joyful when you meet trials of many kinds or when you suffer because..... suffering produces perseverance, patience and character.

Losses or sufferings


Suffering has many faces; physical suffering, mental suffering and emotional suffering. We readily recognize physical pain beginning at childbirth. We learn to avoid hot surfaces as the result of pain. The mental anxieties of living in this world are commonplace. "Will I loose my job this week? Can I pay my bills on time?" Even worse are emotional sufferings which deal with our innermost self, things of the heart. Accidental losses, separation from each other and facing dealth are common to all of us. Emotional suffering truly is suffering. We all have our individual sufferings, trials and losses. Each trial gives us the opportunity to draw upon our inner strengths and to grow to the point of joyful expectation when facing new trials. Our challenge is to face each new trial or suffering with the hope and expecation of a joyful outcome. This does not come naturally.



Progress in this journey requires hard work and continuous practice. "Practice makes perfect", but it cannot be done perfectly, ever. We must continue to strive for perfection without reaching it. This hard work requires our growing up. Taking responsibility for our personal approach to life is growing up. Meeting new trials with perseverance and faith develops our character, our reputation and our expectation of self. As we develop our character to the point of expecting the outcome to be good, we can enter the next cycle of suffering with joyful expecation. We the authors, continue to work toward that end. We present to you examples of how others have handled their losses. We make a mistake when we try this journey without the spiritual gifts available to us.

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