The driving engines of this process, getting through losses and suffering are faith, hope, and love. The more we practice moving from one stage to the next the faster we become and the less we get "hung up" in one particular place such as denial, blaming, anger or sadness.


Sadness is a God given emotion which protects us from continuing in our mistakes. In all of our losses we look for meaning and if we find meaning we can accept the loss easier. Sue had everything going for her. Not satisfied with a master's degree in elementary education, she decided, in mid-life, to persue a career in nursing. First with many night courses and finally after quitting her teaching job Sue attended school full time and accomplished her goal. Her life seemed so complete. Through a routine check-up, the doctor found a lump in Sue's breast. It was cancerous and the breast had to be removed. This came at a time when it seemed life was just coming together for her. She couldn't believe this was happening to her. She had always been so active in her church and prayed daily for God to give her the strength to meet the trials that came her way. After trips for chemotherapy, she would return home so sick and would say to God, why me? What have I done to deserve such sickness and misery? She even thought, if only she had taken the time from her days of pursuing another career to have a physical, all of this could have been avoided. She got to the point where she did not want to leave home with the effects of chemo showing physically. As time passed, she began to accept this as a part of her life.

Meaning & Acceptance


A breast implant gave Sue a brighter outlook on life. All the tirals she coped with helped in her nursing to meet the patient's needs. She prayed daily for the cancer not to return. It did return and she suffered with great faith. Her faith was displayed to many others who hopefully will also develop great faith in God. Teresa is looking forward to being with Sue in eternity. So with this progress Teresa has accepted her loss of Sue.

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